Memorial Donations

Parks Department staff makes the final decision on the location of trees, benches or tables. Benches and tables are ordered from a distributor and the typical waiting period is 4 to 6 weeks. Benches and tables are installed by park maintenance staff and volunteers.
Memorial Bench Donations
Donated benches are six feet in length and made of recycled plastic. Recycled plastic benches are more durable and vandalism proof than wood benches. Benches are fixed to concrete footings.

Benches are ordered, assembled and installed by Parks Department staff. The cost to donate a bench is $2,200.

Markers: A 4" x 6", bronze plaque can be fixed to the concrete footing. The donor is responsible for purchasing and supplying an approved plaque.

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Memorial Picnic Table Donations
You can also donate memorial picnic tables. 

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Memorial Tree Donations
Native and ornamental trees can be planted at most county parks. Tree selection and location is arranged between the donor and Parks Department staff. The tree must be over 6’ tall or have a stock diameter of over 2". The donor is responsible to purchase, deliver and plant the tree. Parks Department staff has the final decision on the location of the tree.

Note: The time Park Rangers have for watering and caring for newly planted trees is limited. We recommend that donators help rangers with caring for trees to ensure their survival. The parks department is not responsible for replacing any trees that die from transplant shock or disease.

Markers: $75
A marker can be located next to the tree in memory of a loved one or a special event. Markers are 4"x 4", pressure treated, wooden posts. A reverse engraved, plastic plaque is embedded in the marker. Reverse engraving ensures durability. The color of the plaque is optional.
Markers must list the common name of the tree it accompanies. Donors can use up to 80 letters, including the tree name, for the text on the plaque. Markers rise 1’ from the ground. Other marker designs and materials must be approved by Park Department staff. Markers are built and installed by parks department staff.

To donate fill out the donation form
young tree with marker in front of it
man standing next to marker