Our Teams

Change Team

While the Leadership Team is essential, the Change Team is the cornerstone of the Reclaiming Futures project, thus paving the way for innovative programs and resources for parents and youth involved in the substance abuse and juvenile justice community.  The Change Team works with the RF Fellows to increase community capacity for change and develop an integrated system of care networks for youth and families challenged by substance abuse and delinquency.  This team is also an integral part of ensuring sustainability of the Reclaiming Futures framework in Snohomish County.


  • 3-5 p.m.
  • Fourth Thursday of every month
  • Sullivan Training Room, Denney Juvenile Justice Center


If you would like to become a part of the Change Team, please read these operational guidelines and sign the Memorandum of Understanding to bring with you to the meeting.

Our Committees

To accomplish our work in a methodical, organized way, we have currently divided our Vision and  6-steps of the Reclaiming Futures model and assigned a section(s) to one of four work committees:
  • Justice Committee: Steps 1
  • Treatment Committee: Steps 2-5
  • Education / Employment  & Pro-Social Activities Committees - our two community committees: Step 5 and 6
Throughout the vision there is ‘cross-over’ in which two or more committees will need to partner or collaborate to accomplish various projects.

View a description of committees.