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Who We Are
The Council on Aging (COA) is a 30 member citizens' advisory board comprised of energetic and dynamic Snohomish County residents who are interested in addressing the needs and issues facing older persons and younger persons with disabilities.

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Council Overview
The purpose of the council shall be to advise the staff of the Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD), the Human Services Department and the County Executive on policy and implementation of the Snohomish County Area Plan on Aging in order to secure and maintain maximum independence and dignity for older residents of Snohomish County and all individuals receiving services administered by the Aging and Disability Services Division.



¨ Are YOU enthusiastic and willing to actively advise, assist, and advocate for the needs and issues facing older adults and adults with disabilities.

¨ Can YOU use your life experiences and skills to help achieve the council’s goals.

¨ Will YOU commit to a 3 year term and be dedicated to the approximate 6-10 hours needed monthly to attend events and monthly meetings.


Council on Aging members come from all walks of life, multiple ethic and racial backgrounds, various age groups and educational levels. The common thread is an interest in serving older adults.

Applications are available at:

  For more information, contact Linda Vizmanos, Snohomish County Long Term Care & Aging at:  [email protected]  or (425) 388-7317


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The Chair's Corner

Jan Howard

Monthly Council On Aging Meetings

Hi, my name is Jan Howard and welcome to the Snohomish County Advisory Council (“COA”) on Aging’s website!  I am the new “COA” Chair for the upcoming 2018-2019 year and am looking forward to continuing the COA’s great work.

A little bit about me, I am a graduate of Virginia Tech. and Washington State Univ. (Go Cougs!) and have lived in Everett for over 20 years.  My work background includes time at Verizon Communications (not Wireless) and Boeing.  Hobbies include travelling, reading, walking, and spending time with friends and family.

I joined the Council on Aging because I believe in its Mission of advising Aging and Disability Services and the County Executive on policy and implementation of the Area Plan on Aging.  This means we address needs and issues facing older persons and adults with disabilities.

We just finished having our first ever booth at the Evergreen Fair in Monroe as part of our outreach activities, as well as having our two Healthy Aging Forums (one in Everett and one in Stanwood), and our Candidate Forum as part of our Advocacy and Diversity Committee’s extension of its services into the community.  I hope you were able to attend one or more of these!  They are great ways to engage with folks who live and work in Snohomish County.

All of our monthly meetings are open to the public.  We always have a speaker of some kind, like someone from the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program or Alzheimer’s Association or Everett Housing Authority.  It is good for us to know who these groups are, what they do, and how we might be able to help them help older adults and people with disabilities (part of our reason for existence).

Please join us at our next meeting which is on the 4th Wed. of the month.  You will find information about the meeting, including Speakers, under the Current Calendar information on this website. We’d love to meet you!

  1. General COA Meetings
  2. Advocacy & Diversity
  3. Communication & Outreach
  4. Healthy Aging
  5. Senior Centers


Wednesday, October 24, 2018​
​10:00am - 12:00pm​
​Homage Senior Services​​​
​5026 196th St SW
​Lynnwood, 98036


Wednesday, November 28, 2018
10:00am - 12:00pm
​Carl Gipson Senior Center​
3025 Lombard Ave​
Everett, 98201



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Snohomish County Area Agency on Aging

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LTCA Referral Line
Long Term Care & Aging
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