Regular employees may choose from the Delta Dental of Washington PPO, Delta Dental of Washington DeltaCare, or Willamette Dental Group dental plans. The County pays the monthly premium for full-time employees working 35+ hours per week. Part-time employees working 20 - 34 hours per week are eligible, however, are required to pay pro-rated premiums (PDF) based on their budgeted FTE. These plans are based on a plan year (April 1st through March 31st).

Please review the Dental Insurance Comparison Chart (PDF) to compare plan choices.

Delta Dental of WA PPO (00444)

This is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, and you may visit any licensed dentist.

This is also an incentive plan designed to encourage prevention by rewarding members for receiving preventive care and other dental services during each incentive period. An incentive period covers 12 consecutive calendar months. The first incentive period starts on the first day of the month that a covered person uses dental services. The plan starts out by paying 70%, and payment levels increase 10% each successive incentive period in which a covered person obtains dental treatment. The payment level increases to a maximum of 100% and remains at 100% if you utilize your benefits during each consecutive incentive period. If a covered person fails to utilize benefits during an incentive period, the payment level will be decreased by 10% for each incentive period during which benefits are not used, to a minimum of 70%.

Delta Dental of WA

DeltaCare (00114)

This is a managed care dental plan, and you must visit a primary care dentist (PCD) from the DeltaCare network to manage all of your dental care needs.

Willamette Dental Group (WA175)

Must receive care from a Willamette Dental Group dentist or specialist. With a network of over 50 offices throughout the Pacific Northwest, you're likely to find a team of highly trained, experienced dental care providers in your community.

Watch a quick video to learn more about Willamette Dental Group.