Family Caregiver Kit

Help for Those Who Care for Others

Caring for someone with a chronic disease / disability means providing care over the long term. The long term requires the caregiver to rethink care strategies which is very different from the ones when a care receiver is recovering from an acute medical problem. Over the course of a long-term caregiving relationship caregivers face many obstacles that may affect the quality of care and dignity the care receiver deserves. Family caregivers have found the Family Caregiver Kit (PDF) to be a valuable resource to help them cope with and be successful in providing quality care for their loved ones. The kit was developed by Snohomish County; over 6,000 have been distributed since 2002.

Caregiver Kit Index

The following is an index of the contents within the Family Caregiver Kit (PDF):

  • Contents
  • Advice for Family Caregivers from Other Caregivers
  • Caregiver Fatigue Timeline
  • Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • If Caring for an Elderly Person is New for You
  • Caregiving: Getting Organized / Developing a Plan
  • Strategies for Finding the Help You Need
  • Substitute Caregivers Form
  • An Introduction to Long-Term Care Programs and Services
  • Two Adult Day Health Programs serving Snohomish County
  • Two Senior Adult Day Care / Respite Programs Serving Snohomish County
  • Drugs and Medication: Maximize the Benefits, Minimize the Dangers
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor When You or Your Loved-One are Prescribed a Drug or Medication
  • Creating an Optimal Health Team: Medical Professional, Your Loved-One, and You the Caregiver
  • More Tips on Communicating with a Doctor
  • Coping with Chronic Pain
  • Home Safe Home
  • When it's Time to Move to a Facility
  • What To Look for In Licensed Facilities
  • Hospice Care: Comfort and Compassion
  • Nutrition and You
  • Caregivers and Care Receivers
  • Snohomish County Sheriff's Letter
  • Helpful Consumer Hotlines and Websites
  • Tips on Protecting Yourself from Con Artists
  • Snohomish County Human Services

Additional Information

If you would like further information, please email Janet Gant or call (425) 388-6381.