Family Caregiver Kit

Help for Those Who Care for Others
Caring for someone with a chronic disease / disability means providing care over the long term. The long term requires the caregiver to rethink care strategies which is very different from the ones when a care receiver is recovering from an acute medical problem. Over the course of a long-term caregiving relationship caregivers face many obstacles that may affect the quality of care and dignity the care receiver deserves. Family caregivers have found the Family Caregiver Kit to be a valuable resource to help them cope with and be successful in providing quality care for their loved ones. The kit was developed by Snohomish County; over 6,000 have been distributed since 2002.

Caregiver Kit Index
The following is an index of the contents within the Family Caregiver Kit:
  • Contents
  • Advice for Family Caregivers from Other Caregivers
  • Caregiver Fatigue Timeline
  • Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • If Caring for an Elderly Person is New for You
  • Caregiving: Getting Organized / Developing a Plan
  • Strategies for Finding the Help You Need
  • Substitute Caregivers Form
  • An Introduction to Long-Term Care Programs and Services
  • Two Adult Day Health Programs serving Snohomish County
  • Two Senior Adult Day Care / Respite Programs Serving Snohomish County
  • Drugs and Medication: Maximize the Benefits, Minimize the Dangers
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor When You or Your Loved-One are Prescribed a Drug or Medication
  • Creating an Optimal Health Team: Medical Professional, Your Loved-One, and You the Caregiver
  • More Tips on Communicating with a Doctor
  • Coping with Chronic Pain
  • Home Safe Home
  • When it's Time to Move to a Facility
  • What To Look for In Licensed Facilities
  • Hospice Care: Comfort and Compassion
  • Nutrition and You
  • Caregivers and Care Receivers
  • Snohomish County Sheriff's Letter
  • Helpful Consumer Hotlines and Websites
  • Tips on Protecting Yourself from Con Artists
  • Snohomish County Human Services
Additional Information
If you would like further information, please contact John Peterson at 425-388-7307.