Basic Life Insurance and Accident, Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Regular employees that work 35+ hours per week are provided with a Basic Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) policy. Employees that work between 20 and 34 hours per week are also eligible, however, they will pay a small pro-rated premium. Employees that work 20+ hours per week may also elect to purchase additional Supplemental Life Insurance and Supplemental AD&D Insurance for themselves and eligible dependents.

Current Employee?

Collective Bargaining Agreement/Work Rules
Basic Life Insurance
Basic AD&D
AFSCME, Non-represented, Management/Exempt, Law Enforcement Support, & Clerk's Association $40,000 $40,000
Sheriff Deputies, Sergeants, Lieutenants, & Captains $60,000 $20,000
Corrections Support, Corrections Guild, Corrections Sergeants and Lieutenants, Corrections Support Supervisors, & Airport Fire Fighters $40,000 $20,000

Conversion & Portability

If your coverage ends, you have the option of continuing all or some of your life insurance coverage without submitting evidence of good health. Our plan includes a Conversion option and a Portability option, which means you may have a choice of “converting” your coverage to an individual policy or “porting” it to another group term life policy. Review the Portability and Conversion Guide (PDF) to learn more. 

Additional Value Added Services

Beneficiary Assist® (PDF) - The loss of a loved one can leave you feeling overwhelmed. In addition to grief, you may have financial and legal worries. Beneficiary Assist provides you, your eligible beneficiaries and immediate family members with unlimited 24/7 phone access to help related to the death of yourself or a loved one. That includes legal advice, financial planning and emotional counseling for up to one year from the date the claim is filed and up to five face-to-face sessions or equivalent professional time for one service or a combination. EstateGuidance® Will Services (PDF) - This service can help you create a simple, legally binding will quickly and conveniently online, saving you the time and expense of a private legal consultation. Other advantages include online assistance from licensed attorneys, the ability to save and modify drafts for up to six months, additional estate planning services are also available for purchase, including the creation of living wills and trusts, guidance about divorce proceedings, and durable power of attorney.

Funeral Planning and Concierge Services (PDF) - The death of a loved one is one of life’s most stressful situations and many quick decisions must be made while emotions are at their peak. Services available 24/7 include access to advisors, assistance with all funeral planning issues, funeral home prices comparisons, negotiation of funeral costs resulting in significant financial savings, and more. Call 866-854-5429 to learn more.

Travel Assistance (PDF) - Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Travel Assistance services are available when you’re more than 100 miles from home for 90 days or less. As long as you contact Europ Assistance USA at the time of need, you could be approved for up to $1 million in covered services. Travel Assistance begins even before you embark, with pre-trip information, and continues throughout your trip. Services include emergency medical assistance, pre-trip information including visa and passport requirements, and emergency personal services including emergency travel arrangements and more.

ID Theft Protection Services (PDF) - You have access to identity theft prevention and detection services, resolution assistance, and more.

Certificates of Insurance

Contact Information

Coverage is through The Hartford Life Insurance Company:

  • Customer Service: 800-523-2233
  • Conversion & Portability: 877-320-0484
  • Claims: 888-563-1124
  • Medical Underwriting: 800-331-7234
  • Local Representative: Roslyn Ericksen | Phone: 206-292-7141 | Email Roslyn Ericksen