Rangers & Jr. Ranger Program

13 Park Rangers in uniform smiling in front of wood paneled wall with American Flag on left of group


Celebrating 35 years of service, the hard-working men and women of the Park Ranger Division are responsible for protecting park visitors and park resources. Their primary focus is to make sure you have a safe, enjoyable visit to a Snohomish County park.

Along with their law enforcement duties, the rangers also provide general maintenance and environmental education programs that reach out to park visitors, schools, and community organizations. Presentations may be arranged to be given at your school or in the field during the school year. To schedule a presentation, call us at 425-388-6618.

Contact Information

Rich Patton, Park Operations Supervisor and Chief Ranger

Snohomish County Parks, Recreation & Tourism

6705 Puget Park Dr. Snohomish, WA 98296

Email: rich.patton@snoco.org

Phone: 425-388-6618


What is it?

Ever wonder what it takes to be a park ranger? Do you love to explore and play outside? Then the Jr. Ranger Program is for you! The Jr. Park Ranger Adventure Guide is a self-guided adventure through Snohomish County Parks. Learn about wildlife, ecosystems and Leave No Trace principles all while exploring nature! Complete the number of pages based on your age (see booklet) and become a certified Snohomish County Jr. Park Ranger!

How do I complete it?

To become a certified Snohomish County Jr. Park Ranger, follow these steps: 

  1. Get your booklet: You can download and print the PDF booklet or pick up a copy at one of our ranger stations located at Kayak Point Park, Flowing Lake Park or Wenberg Park. If you are printing at home, we recommend printing double sided, folding in half and stapling along the crease.
  2. Learn and explore: Fill out the correct number of pages based on your age and visit at least one county park. You can fill this out at your own pace in either an afternoon or as long as it takes you. We have over 12,000 acres of open space, 121 park properties, 100’s of miles of trails and 47 miles of shoreline in the Snohomish County Parks system! To find a county park or trail to visit, see here. Make sure to stay COVID safe out there! 
  3. Turn in your completed booklet: Visit one of our ranger stations (Kayak Point, Flowing Lake or Wenberg) and turn in your completed Jr. Park Ranger booklet to one of our very own park rangers. They will check your work, sign your Certificate of Achievement and certify you as an official Snohomish County Jr. Park Ranger! 
  4. Celebrate: Congratulate yourself on your hard work by choosing one of our prizes for completing the challenge and spread your new knowledge with friends to see if they want to become a Jr. Park Ranger too! You can share photos of your adventures with us on social media by tagging us @snocoparks or using the hashtag #SnocoParkJrRanger


Visit any of our ranger stations (Kayak Point, Wenberg and Flowing Lake) or call 425-388-6600 for more information and to answer any questions.

Jr. Ranger Booklet Cover: Download your copy and start adventuring today!