Partners for Health Wellness Program

Partners for Health is the County’s voluntary employee wellness program. We offer programs and resources to regular employees in an effort to:

  • Encourage healthy habits, behaviors, and lifestyles
  • Decrease the risk of chronic disease and/or illnessesPartners for Health Logo
  • Reduce elevated health risks (such as blood pressure or cholesterol)
  • Lower health care costs
  • Improve productivity, job satisfaction, and morale
  • Decrease absenteeism and improve retention

Programs, Resources, & Tools

  • Employee Assistance Program - access free counseling/consultations, parenting resources, legal benefits, daily living research assistance, wellness tools, Stress Assessments, financial services, and more
  • Healthy Habits Incentive Program - earn an incentive for completing self-paced healthy activities throughout the year
  • Health Screenings (PDF) - earn an incentive for completing your annual health screening, which tests blood pressure, body composition, cholesterol levels, and glucose levels (occurs each October)
  • Flu Immunizations - we offer convenient flu immunizations at several work sites throughout the County (occurs each October)
  • Smoking Cessation Services - enjoy tips, advice and support that make it easier to quit; work one-on-one with a Quit Coach over the phone; get nicotine patches or gum, if you qualify; join the program at no additional cost if you are enrolled in our medical plans
  • Active&Fit Direct (Regence BlueShield / Kaiser Permanente) - sign into your medical provider account to access your discount to fitness centers across the country, ranging from conventional gyms to studios with yoga, cycling, and more.
  • Instructor Led and Online Wellness Classes - classes during the lunch hour that cover a variety of wellness topics such as meditation, onsite yoga, financial wellbeing, nutrition, resiliency, and much more!
  • Nutritional Counseling - covered under medical plans through the County (co-pay or coinsurance may apply, refer to your medical plan booklet for details)

Learning Opportunities

Preventive Care

Preventive care and early detection are important for your long-term health. But preventive care is more than just an annual wellness exam. Preventive care includes tests and screenings for obesity, cancer, cholesterol, depression, blood pressure, and much more. Certain vaccinations and prescription drugs, such as contraceptives and tobacco cessation products are also included. Refer to the Regence Preventive Care List or Kaiser Permanente Preventive Care List for Adults and children to review preventive services that are covered at 100% and are not subject to any deductible, when you use an in-network provider. This means no out-of-pocket costs to you. Talk to your primary care physician to find out which screenings, tests, and vaccines are right for you, when you should get them, and how often.

Kaiser Permanente Resources

  • Welcome New Members - register online, choose a doctor, get prescriptions, get care, and more
  • Health Profile - online questionnaire and report to help you take better control of your health
  • Lifestyle Programs - get advice, encouragement, and tools to make healthy changes and learn how to manage health conditions
  • Videos & Podcasts - learn how to live healthier and access information on health conditions and concerns
  • Tools & Calculators - access BMI calculators, take a depression self-assessment, and much more
  • Living Healthier with Diabetes - are you at risk, how to control blood sugar, and more
  • Programs & Classes - coaching, manage ongoing conditions, total health assessment, and more
  • Discounts - fitness, wellness, and entertainment activity discounts

Regence BlueShield Resources

Sign into your Regence account to access wellness tools, including:

  • General Health Assessment - get personalized results and recommendations for healthier living
  • Wellness Workshops and Health Library
  • Health Logs - Body Measurements, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Rate and Weight
  • Nutrition - choose a Meal Plan, try the Food Log, or Meal Planner
  • Exercise - track workouts, log your steps, and access exercise examples
  • Rewards - get 50,000 points each year to earn a $25 gift card
  • Discounts - access discounts on weight management, fitness, healthy meals, and more
  • Fitness center memberships - $25 per month at more than 9,000 participating fitness centers nationwide

We encourage you to visit the Partners for Health Intranet webpage to learn more about the programs and resources which are available to regular County employees. Email us or call 425-388-3411, ext. 0 for assistance.