LTC&A Administration


Everett, WA 98201

As the designated Area Agency on Aging, the Long Term Care & Aging (LTCA) program administers a network of services that enable older and functionally disabled adults to live with dignity and independence in the least restrictive and most cost-effective setting for them, their families and community.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Sowe, Sulayman Human Services Specialist (425) 262-2479  
Austin, Joyce Contract Manager 425.388.7377  
Beaudry, Kile Contract Manager 425.388.7404  
Boyer, Maria Human Services Specialist 425-388-7307  
Caplan, Cole LTC&A Supervisor 425.262.2557  
Cobb, Allison Program Manager 425-388-7351  
Fugate, April Program Manager 425-262-2957  
Gant, Janet LTC&A Supervisor 425-388-6381  
Glauner, Michal Program/Contract Manager 425.388.7407  
Legaspi, Lindsey Program Manager 425-262-2413  
Mendenhall, Renata Accounting Tech Specialist (425) 388-7301  
Novacek, Stefanie Program/Contract Manager 425.388.7019  
Quinlan, Lori Program/Contract Manager 425.388.7378  
Vizmanos, Linda Program Specialist 425.388.7317