County Executive


3000 Rockefeller Ave.
M/S 407
Everett, WA 98201


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Somers, Dave County Executive 425-388-3460  
Parks, Eric Deputy Executive 425-388-3660  
Boungjaktha, Neepaporn Executive Director 425-626-5205  
Harper, Lacey Executive Director 425-388-3699  
Klein, Ken Executive Director 425-388-3298  
Patton, Kent Communications Director 425-388-3883  
Durham, Alessandra Chief of Staff 425-388-3290  
Biermann, Jason Senior Policy Advisor 425-388-5461  
Dugan, Joshua Executive Operations Officer 425-388-3030  
Liias, Marko Communications Manager 425-262-2024  
Trenary, Robert Senior Policy Analyst 425-388-9744  
Wright, Stephanie Executive Policy Officer 425-388-5001  
Doyle, Brian Economic Development Manager 425-312-0812  
Paxton, Samantha Workforce Development and Tourism Specialist 425-262-2470  
Dhaliwal, Simreet Economic Development & Tourism Specialist 425-388-3971  
Soriano, Trudy Tourism Promotion Area Coordinator 425-388-6603  
Main-Hester, Ph.D., Kara Office of Recovery and Resilience Director 425-262-2991  
Grover-Roybal, Chrissie Office of Recovery and Resilience Deputy Director 425-388-3460  
Nyland, Kelsey Office of Recovery and Resilience Deputy Communications Director 425-388-3696  
Walden, Jenny Office of Recovery and Resilience Project Manager 425-388-5369  
Hoagland, Kristi Senior Operations Excellence Manager 425-388-3877  
Boswell, Shannon Continuous Improvement Project Manager 425-312-0597  
Broadus, Terrence Continuous Improvement Project Manager 425-388-3837  
Lynch, Britni Continuous Improvement Project Manager 425-312-0674  
Scott, Jill Continuous Improvement Project Manager 425-312-0676  
Fields, Alenka Continuous Improvement Specialist 425-388-5237  
Macchi, Renee Continuous Improvement Specialist 425-388-2139  
Strunk, Thomas (TJ) Continuous Improvement Project Manager 425-312-0927  
Porter, Richard Marketing Specialist 425-262-2614  
Ruhle, Jessica Regional Grants and Contract Planner 425-262-2095  
Wilson, Cecilia Public Records Officer 425-388-3312  
Anderson, Karen Executive Assistant 425-388-3460  
Geraghty, Melissa Executive Assistant 425-388-3050  
Kelly, Tiffany Executive Assistant 425-388-5391  
Watson, Tonya Executive Adminstrative Assistant 425-312-0869