Parks and Recreation


6705 Puget Park Dr.
Snohomish, WA 98296


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Murdoch, Tom Senior Naturalist 425-316-8592  

Parks Administration 

6705 Puget Park Drive
Snohomish, WA 98296


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The Snohomish County Parks & Recreation Department has over 12,000 acres, spread out over 121 park properties with 34 miles of fresh and saltwater shorelines. We are the largest land steward in the county and our parks, trails and open spaces contribute to the clean water, clean air, healthy forests and the great beaches our residents and visitors enjoy. 

We’re working behind the scenes making sure your favorite neighborhood park, wooded trail, sandy shoreline, community class, and heritage sites are clean, safe and open and accessible to everyone. And we’re in it for the long haul. We find ways to innovatively steward and preserve your public lands and resources to keep the wellbeing and positive community-building of parks open to you and future generations. Because your parks story matters to us. The next generation’s parks story matters to us. Now get out there and live it. 

Our Mission

To conserve natural and recreational resources for current and future generations, contribute to regional economic sustainability, and enhance the wellbeing of all Snohomish County residents and visitors through accessible and inclusive parks, facilities and educational programs. 

Our Vision

A sustainable, innovative, and accessible parks system that creates strong, connected communities through the experience and stewardship of parks and the natural and cultural environment of Snohomish County.

Our Programs & Amenities 

  • 12,000 acres of parks, trails and open space 
  • Camping: Tent sites, RV sites, Cabin & yurts 
  • Community education through WSU Snohomish County Extension Programs 
  • Annual Evergreen State Fair 
  • Jr. Park Ranger Program 
  • Facility rentals for events, weddings and meetings 
  • Snohomish County Arts Commission 
  • Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission 
  • Volunteer opportunities 
  • Community events: Music in the Park, National Night Out, trail races 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bennett, Annique (She/her) Communications Specialist (Arts Commission) 425-388-3263  
Fuqua, Cabot (He/him) Parks Reservations / Facility Specialist 425-388-6644  
Intveld, Rose (She/her) Communications Specialist (Parks & Fair) 425-388-6621  
Nistor, Carmen (She/her) Accounting 425-388-3139  
Patton, Rich (He/him) Division Manager 425-388-6618  
Peterson, Carol (She/her) Accounting 425-388-6605  
Remle, Mike (He/him) Acting Operations Supervisor 425-388-6638  
Schmidt, Hallie (She/her) Reservation Facility Specialist 425-388-6633  
Swan, Sharon (She/her) Division Director 425-388-6616  
Teigen, Tom (He/him) Director of Conservation and Natural Resources 425-754-9158  
Underwood, Kara (She/her) Division Manager 425-388-6640  

WSU Snohomish County Extension 

6705 Puget Park Drive
Snohomish, WA 98296


Link: Website

WSU Snohomish County Extension programs connect the people and communities of Snohomish County with the knowledge base of Washington State University to promote quality of life and advance economic well-being through fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research. 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Baker, Kim (She/her) 4H Program Coordinator 425-520-3908  
Byard, Kellee (She/her) Sustainable Communities Program Coordinator (425) 357-6027  
Carter, Kara (She/her) Horticulture Secretary (425) 357-6002  
Castruita, Melina (She/her) Administrative Assistant    
Christensen, Karie (She/her) Forestry Registrar and Program Support (425) 357-6039  
Devries, Joan Livestock Advisors (360) 428-4270  
Douglas, Stacie (She/her) Repair Cafe Coordinator    
Epstein, Helent (She/her) 4H Secretary (425) 357-6044  
Farrant, Jill (She/her) Snohomish County SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator    
Fowler, Carol (She/her) Family Living Coordinator (425) 357-6018  
Galvez, Kaytlynn SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator    
Garrison, Grace (She/her) Extension Forester (425) 738-0109  
Giraldo, Tatiana (She/her) Latino Programs (425) 357-6029  
Gromko, Anthony (He/him) WSU Snohomish County Director (425) 357-6015  
Hall, Ashley (She/her) 4H Assistant Professor 425-388-6006 (425) 521-0357
Jayne, Janet (She/her) Snohomish County Supervisor and Office Manager (425) 357-6003  
Korchemnaya, Irina (She/her) SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator    
Master, Gardener Hotline   (425) 357-6010  
Robinson, Jonathan (He/him) Beach Watchers Program Coordinator (425) 357-6008  
Townsend, Patricia Ph.D., Associate Professor/ECO Programs Director (425) 357-6020  
Wangen, Beth (She/her) 4H Volunteer Coordinator (425) 320-9971  
Watts, Mary (She/her) Master Gardener Program Coordinator (425) 357-6001  
Zobrist, Kevin (He/him) Forestry Professor 425-231-4524  

Parks Capital Planning 

6705 Puget Park Drive
Snohomish, WA 98296


The Parks Capital Planning section is responsible for the coordination, research and administration of comprehensive long-range planning projects; planning, design, and construction administration of capital projects on park properties; administration of programs such as Conservation Futures, parks archiving, and monitoring of interlocal agreements; and administrative support of several boards.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ohlfs, Carol (She/her) Principal Planner 425-388-6609  
Marchand, Rob (He/him) Senior Planner 425-388-6632  
Griffith, Emily (She/her) Senior Planner 425-388-6620  
McConnell, David (He/him) Associate Planner 425-388-6627  
Iris, Kye (She/her) Real Property Administrator 425-388-6623  
Hartzell, Thomas (He/him) Senior Planner 425-388-6695  
Eksten, Tom (He/him) Trail Consultant 425-388-6606  

Evergreen State Fair Park 

14405 179th Ave SE
Monroe, WA 98272


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Allen, Marcie Marketing Assistant 360-805-6149  
Craven, Amy Marketing Specialist 360.805.6746  
Donk, Debbie Programs Specialist 360-805-6705  
Granstrom, Brenda Operations Assistant 360-805-6707  
Husby, Jeremy Division Manager - Events & Fair Park 425.388.6601  
Johnson, Betsy Front Desk Coordinator 360-805-6727  
Meske, Betty Programs Assistant 360-805-6700  
Notoa, Jana Administrative Specialist 360-805-6710  
Stovner, Sherry Superintendent Coordinator 360-805-6726  

Park Ranger North Region 

Stanwood, WA 98292


HQ at Kayak Point Park

Park Ranger South Region 

Snohomish, WA 98201


HQ located at Flowing Lake Park

Parks Maintenance 

14405 179th Avenue SE
Monroe, WA 98272


Link: Website

Have you ever wondered who takes care of our 12,000 acres and 121 park properties? Our amazing maintenance and operations crews work hard to keep our parks and trails clean, safe and open for you to enjoy year-round. The maintenance staff performs a variety of tasks from operating heavy machinery, electrical work, skilled carpentry, plantings, mowing, repairs, building benches and picnic tables, removing tree hazards, maintaining ball fields and everything in between!

To report a maintenance issue, please call or email our call center at 425-388-6600 or 

To report a tree hazard that is in a Snohomish County Park, please call or email our call center at 425-388-6600 or . To report a tree hazard in a road or other part of Snohomish County, please call 425-388-6453 (please leave a message with the address and the location of where the tree fell from), or send an email with particulars to:  

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abram, William (He/him) Maintenance Supervisor 425-388-6631  
Ohlsen, Kyle (He/him) Fairgrounds Facility Maintenance Lead   425-238-8491  
Ohlsen, Mike (He/him) Facility Maintenance Lead   425-508-2760  
Quam, Colton (He/him) Parks Grounds Facility Lead   425-754-0120  

Evergreen State Fair Park 

14405 179th Avenue SE
Monroe, WA 98272


Link: Website

Located in Monroe, Washington Since 1949, the 193-acre Evergreen State Fairgrounds is home to the Evergreen State Fair which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The Fairgrounds include several permanent facilities which are used year-round for Northwest horse shows, trade shows, swap meets, auto races and more. The Gary D. Weikel Events Center (a 36,000 square foot multi-purpose building); the Evergreen Speedway with its paved oval track, is the only NASCAR venue in Washington and has a 7,000-seat covered grandstand; a clear-span sporting arena that can seat 4,000, two RV areas with dump stations, and a variety of other permanent exhibition facilities.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kaehler, Gretchen (She/her) Archaeologist 425-388-4432  
Baker, Brittany (She/her) Operations Assistant 360-805-6706  
Donk, Debbie (She/her) Programs Specialist 360-805-6705  
Granstrom, Brenda (She/her) Operations Supervisor 360-805-6707  
Johnson, Betsy (She/her) Reservations Specialist 360-805-6727  
Leonard, Bobby (He/him) Accounting Tech 360-805-6708  
McNeal, Travis (He/him) Facility Maintenance Worker/IT 425-308-3253  
Notoa, Jana (She/her) Administrative Specialist 360-805-6710  
Stovner, Sherry (She/her) Superintendent Coordinator 360-805-6726  
Craven, Amy (She/her) Marketing Specialist 360-805-6746