Planning & Development Services


3000 Rockefeller Avenue
Everett, WA 98201



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Administrative Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Anderson, Angela Admin Assistant - Division Manager 425-262-2206
Antoun, Jo-Anne Senior GIS Analyst 425-262-2124
Barbey, Katy Records Technician 425-262-2490
Baxter, Kathy Business Process Analyst 425-262-2061
Bohnsack, Melody Accounting Technician II 425-262-2168
Bowley, Samantha Accountant II 425-262-2195
Colón-Valentín, Rubén Technology Support Specialist 425-388-5374
Comaduran, Raoul Senior GIS Analyst 425-262-2621
Darrow, Caroline Senior Records Specialist 425-388-3011
Dervin, Maggie Records Specialist 425-262-2665
Dzisenu, Philip Business Process Analyst 425-262-2822
El Souessy, Mona Training Coordinator 425-388-3342
Imholt, Kathleen Accounting Technician II 425-262-2234
Kelly, Tiffany Administrative Assistant, Director 425-388-7119
Kline, Claire Fiscal Resources Analyst 425-262-2670
Little, Janet Public Records Specialist 425-262-2445
Lui, Kinyan Supervisor 425-388-3569
Mackie, Leigh Senior Secretary 425-262-2888
Mass, Julie Division Manager 425-388-3970
Mayfield, Natalie Fiscal Resources Analyst 425-262-2670
McCann, Marissa Records Tech  
McCrary, Mike Deputy Director 425-388-3346
Mock, Barb Director 425-388-3661
Owsley, Donnie Systems Administrator 425-262-2747
Phillips, Suzie Senior Public Records Specialist 425-262-2104
Pruitt, Cynthia Snohomish County Tomorrow Manager 425-388-3185
Rugg, Will Senior GIS Analyst 425-262-2185
Sandri, Lauren GIS Technician 425-262-2979
Winslow, Andrew Business Applications Programmer 425-262-2972

Code Enforcement 

Name Title Email Phone
Lyon, Stephanie Code Enforcement Officer 425-262-2657
Moline, Stephanie Code Enforcement Coordinator 425-262-2167
Odegaard, Craig Senior Code Enforcement Officer 425-262-2296
Olin, Anders Code Enforcement Officer 425-262-2201
Soderman, Ed Code Enforcement Officer 425-262-2676


Name Title Email Phone
Abbott, Stacey Senior Planner 425-262-2637
Anderson, Jared Senior Site Inspector 425-262-2681
Arnett, Kristine Permit Technician 425-262-2485
Artack, Annie Right of Way Coordinator 425-262-2921
Barnett, Tom Principal Economic Development Officer 425-262-2997
Bilyeu, Julie Permit Technician 425-388-3781
Blanco, Reiner Engineer II  
Booth, Andy Building Inspector Lead 425-262-2143
Boren, Cole Building Inspector 425-261-9489
Braaten, Michael Senior Site Inspector 425-262-2659
Brown, Mark Engineer III 425-262-2024
Clausen, Steven Permit Technician 425-262-2964
Coffman, Aaron Zoning Specialist 425-388-3017
Collins, Brian Building Inspector 425-512-4303
Coombs, Brian Building Inspector II 425-293-4020
Countryman, Ryan Supervisor 425-262-2304
Craig, Richard Associate Planner 425-262-2642
Croskey, Darryl Building Inspector 425-238-1698
Crossman, Dorothy Senior Planner 425-262-2351
Crossman, Kenneth Supervisor 425-262-2227
Curran, Sean Supervisor 425-262-2965
DeVoe, Ed Building Inspector 425-508-6799
Dobesh, Michael Division Manager 425-388-3819
Dragoo, Paul Engineer III 425-262-2188
Faller, Holly Supervisor 425-262-2668
Farrell, Brian Associate Planner 425-262-2192
Fesler, Stephen Senior Planner 425-262-2053
Fleming, Christopher Zoning Specialist 425-388-3110
Fleming, Michael Zoning Specialist  
Froland, Rachel Senior Permit Technician 425-262-2412
Galuska, Andrew Principal Planner 425-262-2764
Ghazanfarpour, Haleh Senior Planner 425-262-2938
Hansen, Darren Senior Site Inspector 425-262-2214
Haubrich, Chad Engineer II 425-262-2036
Holdsworth, Kristen Senior Planner 425-262-2951
Holub, Brady Plans Examiner 425-262-2990
Hurley, Jack Engineer III 425-262-2013
Husby, Alan Supervisor 425-262-2063
Huson, David Building Inspector II 425-238-1902
Irwin, David Engineer II 425-262-2229
Kenning, Barrie Commercial Plans Examiner 425-262-2196
King, Tamara Survery Project Lead 425.388.7286
Kirchberg, Jacqueline Supervisor 425-262-2720
Labovitch, Dan Building Inspector 425-238-2110
LaVelle, Tina Associate Planner 425-262-2114
Lente, David Permit Technician 425-262-2712
Lenz, Jennifer Land Development Specialist Lead 425-262-2823
MacCready, Paul Principal Planner 425-262-2943
Mann, Philip Engineer II 425-262-2751
McGraner, Patrick Senior Environmental Planner 425-262-2141
McKinney, Vic Commercial Plans Examiner 425-262-2683
Mercado, David Building Inspector  
Middaugh, Randy Principal Planner 425-262-2306
Moore, Jason Senior Site Inspector 425-262-2664
Mumma, Kristine Permit Technician 425-262-2407
Murray, Alan Engineer III 425-388-3313
Mus, Dan Site Inspector 425-330-0089
Nejbauer, Ken Building Inspector II 425-293-8596
Niemer, Michael Senior Plans Examiner 425-262-2927
Nitch, Steven Site Inspector 425-262-2131
Otto, Susan Zoning Specialist 425-262-2765
Overland, Amy Land Development Specialist 425-262-2284
Patterson, Molly Senior Environmental Planner 425-262-2235
Perrault, Elida Permit Technician 425-262-2311
Phillips, Sydney Permit Technician 425.262.2333
Prindle, Kirk Senior Environmental Planner 425-262-2006
Raymond, Bev Land Development Specialist 425-262-2976
Richards, Renee Associate Planner 425-262-2035
Rogers, TJ Permit Technician 425-262-2209
Rohla, Leah Permit Technician 425-262-2145
Sage, Tom Engineer III 425-262-2162
Samy, Rebecca Senior Planner 425-262-2283
Savage, Lindsay Permit Technician  
Scherf, Frank Senior Environmental Planner 425-262-2725
Skattum, Sarah Senior Permit Technician Lead 425-262-2230
Sleight, Randy Chief Engineering Officer 425-262-2014
Smith, Jesse Building Inspector II 425-330-5892
Steepy, Sarah Land Development Specialist 425-388-3067
Sullivan, Sandra Senior Permit Technician 425-262-2528
Swaim, Emily Senior Environmental Planner 425-388-3213
Titcomb, Sarah Senior Planner 425-262-2128
Todd, Cindy Permit Technician Lead 425-262-2713
Toevs, Shawn Right of Way Coordinator 425-262-2208
Tran, Jessica Commercial Plans Examiner 425-262-2937
Wickline, Greg Building Inspector II 425-238-1656
Whornham, Daniel Building Inspector  

Long-Range Planning 

Name Title Email Phone
Canola, Eileen Senior Planner 425-262-2253
Giroux, Nicholas Associate Planner 425-388-3243
Hodgkin, Alison Senior Planner 425-262-2975
Howard, Nathan Planner 425-388-6464
Killingstad, David Principal Planner 425-262-2215
Lindquist, Scott Planner 425-262-2086
Masterson, Ikuno Division Manager 425-388-3153
McGowan, Hilary Planning Technician 425-388-5377
Medlen, Ryan Senior Planner 425-262-2942
Reid, Jacqueline Supervisor 425-388-3380
Skorney, Steve Senior Planner 425-262-2207
Slusser, Frank Senior Planner 425-262-2944
Spores, Brandi Administrative Assistant 425-388-3224
Strandberg, Terri Principal Planner 425-262-2359
Toy, Stephen Principal Demographer 425-262-2361

Fire Marshal 

Name Title Email Phone
Beckwith, Don Senior Fire Inspector 425-262-2894
Burke, Lori Senior Fire Inspector 425-262-2279
Davis, Chad Fire Investigator 425-262-2231
Foster, Thomas Fire Investigator 425-754-7517
Hardesty, Ed Fire Investigator 425-262-2204
Henderson, Seth Fire Inspector 425-262-2075
Irwin, Terri Permit Assistance Coordinator III 425-262-2109
Lorentzen, Daniel Fire Investigator 425-262-2415
McCrary, Mike Fire Marshal 425-388-3346
Parker, Aaron Fire Inspector 425-262-2107