If you have a general question about the permitting process or are not sure who to contact in PDS, please call our main line at 425-388-3311.  If you have a question about your property such zoning and land use issues, please submit an inquiry to AskPermitTech and your question will be routed to the most appropriate staff person who will respond to you. If you are seeking permitting records, please visit our PDS Public Records & Information website for more information on how to submit a request for records.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abbott, Stacey Senior Planner 425-262-2637  
Anderson, Jared Senior Site Inspector 425-262-2681  
Arnett, Kristine Permit Technician 425-262-2485  
Barnett, Tom Supervisor 425-262-2997  
Betancourt, Yvette Permit Technician 425-388-6326  
Booth, Andy Building Inspector Lead 425-262-2143  
Boren, Cole Building Inspector 425-261-9489  
Carlson, Alan Senior Permit Technician 425-262-2209  
Chivers, Dennis Commercial Plans Examiner 425-238-1952  
Clausen, Steven Permit Technician 425-262-2964  
Coffman, Aaron Planner 425-388-3017  
Coombs, Brian Building Inspector II 425-293-4020  
Craig, Richard Planner 425-262-2642  
Croskey, Darryl Building Inspector 425-238-1698  
Crossman, Kenneth Division Manager 425-262-2227  
Curran, Sean Supervisor 425-262-2965  
DeVoe, Ed Building Inspector II 425-508-6799  
Dobesh, Michael Division Manager 425-388-3819  
Dragoo, Paul Engineer III 425-262-2188  
Dunke, Caleb Engineer II 425-262-2036  
Dykstra, Jessica Senior Permit Technician 425-262-2846  
Faller, Holly Supervisor 425-262-2668  
Farrell, Brian Senior Planner 425-262-2192  
Fleming, Christopher Zoning Specialist 425-388-3110  
Ghazanfarpour, Haleh Senior Planner 425-262-2938  
Gubbels, Helena Engineer II 425-388-6327  
Hansen, Darren Senior Site Inspector 425-262-2214  
Harker, Erin Senior Environmental Planner 425-262-2006  
Hayden, Randy Building Inspector 425-512-4305  
Holub, Brady Plans Examiner 425-262-2290  
Hurley, Jack Engineer III 425-262-2013  
Huson, David Building Inspector II 425-238-1902  
Irwin, David Engineer III 425-262-2229  
Jennings, Henry Zoning Specialist 425-262-2179  
Justice, Trace Structural Review Supervisor 425-262-2063  
King, Tamara Survery Project Lead 425.388.7286  
Kirchberg, Jacqueline Supervisor 425-262-2720  
Labovitch, Dan Building Inspector 425-238-2110  
Lenz, Jennifer Land Development Specialist Lead 425-262-2823  
Machen, Josh Principal Planner 425-262-2975  
Mann, Philip Engineer II 425-262-2751  
Mason-Hatt, Kimberly Senior Permit Technician 425-262-2759  
McGovern, Rachel Zoning Specialist 425-262-2412  
Mercado, David Residential Plans Examiner 425-262-2098  
Moore, Jason Senior Site Inspector 425-262-2664  
Mumma, Kristine Land Development / Right of Way Coordinator 425-262-2407  
Mus, Dan Site Inspector 425-330-0089  
Nejbauer, Ken Building Inspector II 425-293-8596  
Niemer, Michael Commercial Plans Examiner 425-262-2927  
Nitch, Steven Site Inspector 425-262-2131  
Ojala, Matt Engineering Supervisor 425-388-3313  
Overland, Amy Land Development Specialist 425-262-2284  
Pople, Benjamin Zoning Specialist 425-262-2126  
Phillips, Sydney Senior Permit Technician 425.262.2333  
Raymond, Bev Land Development Specialist 425-262-2976  
Richards, Renee Zoning Specialist 425-262-2035  
Sage, Tom Engineer III 425-262-2162  
Samy, Rebecca Principal Planner 425-262-2283  
Skattum, Sarah Senior Permit Technician Lead 425-262-2230  
Smith, Jaime Senior Permit Technician    
Smith, Jesse Building Inspector II 425-330-5892  
Steepy, Sarah Senior Planner 425-388-3067  
Stout, Nikole Senior Environmental Planner 425-262-2874  
Swaim, Emily Senior Environmental Planner 425-388-3213  
Szarvas, Monica Biologist 425.262.2731  
Taylor, Jamie Senior Permit Technician 425-388-3681  
Todd, Cindy Permit Technician Lead 425-262-2713  
Toevs, Shawn Right of Way Coordinator 425-262-2208  
Tran, Jessica Engineer II 425-262-2937  
Wickline, Greg Building Inspector II 425-238-1656