LTC&A Administration


Everett, WA 98201

As the designated Area Agency on Aging, the Long Term Care & Aging (LTCA) program administers a network of services that enable older and functionally disabled adults to live with dignity and independence in the least restrictive and most cost-effective setting for them, their families and community.
Name Title Email Phone
Austin, Joyce Contract Manager 425.388.7377
Beaudry, Kile Contract Manager 425.388.7404
Braun, Bruce Family Caregiver Program Manager 425.262.2413
Caplan, Cole Program Manager 425.262.2557
Dews, Joyce Fiscal Assistant 425.388.7301
Fink, Aime LTC&A Supervisor 425.388.7218
Fugate, April Contract Specialist 425-262-2957
Gant, Janet Program/Contract Manager 425-388-6381
Glauner, Michal Family Caregiver Program Manager 425.388.7407
Kradenpoth, Wendy Respite Program Manager 425.388.7351
Novacek, Stefanie Program Manager 425.388.7019
Quinlan, Lori Fiscal Specialist 425.388.7378
Vizmanos, Linda Program Specialist 425.388.7317