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SEPA - Request for Qualifications


Please provide 2 copies of each Statement submitted:

Statement of Qualifications 

  1. Legal name, address, telephone and FAX numbers of consultant or all members of a consultant team.

  2. State(s) in which the consultant(s) is (are) incorporated.

  3. Experience and qualifications of principals and other key staff in performing SEPA analysis and preparing Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for previous projects, including the following information:
    • Specific consultant responsibility in example projects
    • Key personnel involved in the example projects
    • Examples completed under tight schedules
    • Client names, references and phone numbers

  4. The proposed team of key staff and/or sub consultants with a short rationale describing the strengths of the team.

  5. Other materials establishing the capability to successfully complete an Environmental Impact Statement.

Evaluation of Qualifications 

The county will evaluate all written submittals using the following criteria:

  1. Experience with Similar Assignments. Previous experience of the firm and the key project team members with similar assignments.

  2. Project Team. Professional strength and breadth of experience of the project team, both individually and collectively, in the areas of SEPA analysis and project management.

  3. Strength and Clarity of Approach. Understanding of the challenges to preparing a complex environmental document, ability to provide suggestions to enhance and focus the scope of work, the ability to organize and to complete the work in a timely manner.

  4. Overall Proposal Presentation. Overall quality of the package, including clarity of written text, completeness and depth of supporting materials, general organization and graphic presentation quality.

For more information, please contact Darryl Eastin, Principal Planner, (425) 388-3311 x1068.

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