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Miner's Corner Picnic Shelter

Subfacility of Miner's Corner

Max Occupancy 50


  1. Picnic Areas
  2. Picnic Shelters
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Playground

Choose Miner's Corner's picnic shelter for your next birthday or picnic event!

This 32'x36' shelter has power, and can accommodate up to 50 guests (seating for 36). Water, restrooms, and a fantastic playground are all nearby!  Rentals are rented only once a day so reservations fill-up fast.  Parking is limited so we encourage car-pooling.    

Pack it in - Pack it out!

There are no garbage containers at Miner's Corner Park.  Please factor this in to your plans when visiting next.   Please see our Pack it in - Pack it out page to learn more about this program.

Be aware, restrooms are open year-round, but will close during periods of extreme cold weather.  No portable toilets are in place during those times, so please plan accordingly.

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