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Centennial Trail



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Black bears are occasionally spotted along the Centennial Trail and we will report sightings via twitter. Learn more about bears from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.


An enormously popular hiking, biking and equestrian trail, the Centennial Trail currently extends between the City of Snohomish and the Skagit County line. The 30.0-mile trail is paved for all levels of accessibility with a soft surface equestrian path alongside (no motorized vehicles are allowed). The Machias Trailhead shelter is available for rent. Contact park reservations at 425-388-6600 for details.


  • 30 miles of completed trail (City of Snohomish to Skagit County Line)
  • 10-foot wide multi-purpose paved trail
  • 6-foot wide natural surface parallel equestrian trail
  • Picnic tables + benches
  • Restrooms
  • Shelters available for rent at Machias Trailhead
  • Permits for public events and activities on the trail
  • Serves as a conservation corridor protecting sensitive and important natural and cultural resources
  • Provides a safe alternative transportation route  


There are 12 trailheads along the Centennial Trail. Discover one or all on our trail map. Please remove all valuables and lock your vehicle when parking at trailheads in the region.

1. CT NORTH - Nakashima Barn—32328 SR 9, Arlington (Sanican)

2. BRYANT—SR9 & Stanwood-Bryant Rd (Sanican)

3. ARMAR RD—15333 67th Ave NE, Arlington (Sanican)

4. GETCHELL— 8318 Westlund Rd, Arlington (Sanican)

5. LAKE CASSIDY (Disabled Parking Only) 6216 105th Ave NE, Lake Stevens (Sanican)

6. RHODODENDRON—10911 54th PL NE, Lake Stevens (Sanican)

7. SR 92—3651 127TH Ave NE, Lake Stevens (Sanican)

8. 20th St—13205 20th St NE, Lake Stevens (Sanican)

9. Machias—1624 Virginia St, Snohomish (permanent restroom)

10. Pilchuck—5801 S. Machias Rd, Snohomish (Sanican)


A. Haller Park—1100 West Ave (permanent restroom)

B. Legion Park—114 N. Olympic (permanent restroom)


The trail is built on the old Burlington-Northern railroad line. The Machias trailhead and rest stop is a replica of the railroad depot built in the late 1890s that once served the rail line which today is the Centennial Trail. Development of the trail began in 1989 during the state's centennial. The trailhead and rest stop in the town of Machias is a replica of the Machias Station railroad depot built in the late 1890s which served the rail line which today is the Centennial Trail.




  1. Nakashima Heritage Barn North Trailhead

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