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Willis D. Tucker Park Dog Park

Subfacility of Willis D. Tucker Community Park


Brochure - Off Leash Dog Areas (OLDAs) (PDF)

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Willis Tucker Park offers three fenced Off-Leash Dog Areas (OLDAs) for all types of dogs in the NE corner of the park. There is a 6 acre meadow area, a 1.25 acre forest area for off-leash hiking, and a .20 acre shy dog area.  


A dog hydrant is provided for your pet, but the main dispenser button is disabled during winter months (late Fall to early Spring). A hose, connected to a frost-free spigot, is located on the back side and operates year-round. Safety note: Owners need to bring bowls for their pets. To avoid spreading pet-borne illnesses, bowls should not be left behind or shared with other dogs.  

Read about Off-Leash Dog Areas in Snohomish County. 

Pack it in - Pack it out!

Trash cans have been removed or significantly reduced at this park. Please plan accordingly. To learn more about this program, please visit our Pack it in - Pack it out page.