My property is zoned "R-5" - what does that mean?

Snohomish County Code, Title 30 Table 30.21.020, provides a list of all zoning designations in unincorporated Snohomish County. Section 30.21.025 describes the intent of each zone. See question number 3 and 4 to obtain more information about lot sizes, setbacks, and allowable uses for each zoning designation.

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1. What is my zoning?
2. My property is zoned "R-5" - what does that mean?
3. What are my setback requirements?
4. What can I do with my property?
5. Who owns the property across the street?
6. How do I get a copy of a plat map (subdivision map)?
7. What is my neighbor building?
8. Where do I get information on drain fields, septic systems, and wells?
9. I would like to view a project file, where are they located?
10. What if I still have questions?