What does my inspection result mean?

Guide to Inspection Results

APPROVED: Work is approved; OK to proceed with additional work.

APPROVED WITH CORRECTIONS: Inspection is approved and builder may proceed, but correction will need to be checked again at the next required inspection or as noted. Do not cover or conceal items that need re-inspection.

NOT APPROVED/CORRECTIONS ISSUED: Inspection was not approved, corrections have been issued, and work must be checked again prior to additional construction. Do not cover or conceal. This inspection must be scheduled again when corrections have been completed.

PARTIALLY APPROVED: A portion of the inspection or building was approved, but that inspection cannot be signed off due to incomplete work.

NO INSPECTION DONE: The inspector arrived at the site; however, an issue existed that prohibited inspection (e.g., no access or no plans onsite).

HOLD OVER: Inspector was not able to complete the inspection and it will be automatically scheduled for the following business day.

CONTINUE WORK: Typically for site development projects, where inspections happen progressively until project completion.

STOP WORK: Activity causing violation at the site must stop until corrective measures are taken and permission to proceed is given by PDS.

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