Administering an Oath, Per Seal on document requiring signature by the Clerk
Oaths and Affirmations
RCW 36.18.016(5);
RCW 5.28; RCW 36.18.012(3)
$2.00Approving Bonds, other than Civil or ProbateRCW 36.18.016(8)
$30.00Ex Parte Orders (for a single submission of 1 to 5 Orders per case)RCW 36.18.016(12)
5% of earned Interest

Investment Service Fee: Court ordered investment of Trust Funds of $2,000 or more

Disbursement of funds
RCW 36.48.090

SCC 4.45
$20.00Non-Judicial Filing (filing any paper not related to or part of proceeding)RCW 36.18.012(3)
$35.00Dishonored Payment Service Charge, Per itemExecutive Order 17-06
$30.00Search Records, Per hour (1 hour minimum)RCW 36.18.016(11)

Authenticated or Exemplified Copies, First page of each document, plus
For each additional page
For each additional seal affixed on conformed copyer
RCW 36.18.016(4)

Certified Copies, Faxed Copies, Abstracts of Judgment, First page of each document, plus
For each additional page
RCW 36.18.016(4)

Uncertified copies or electronic records prepared by staff - per page
Uncertified copies of records or instruments on file (not electronic) prepared by staff - per page
RCW 36.18.016(4)

Self-service microfilm copies or electronic record copies - per page
Self-service copies on public lobby copier - per page
RCW 36.18.016(4)
$20.00Additional charge for copies made on Compact DiskRCW 36.18.016(13)
$25.00Video - Copy (of previously recorded Courtroom Proceedings)RCW 36.18.016(13)
Audio Recording Copy, Cassette Tape
Audio Recording Copy, Compact Disk
RCW 36.18.016(13)

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