Does the County give preference points to local firms?
The County does require most service providers and many product distributors to be located within the County or close to the County to ensure fast and flexible service and locally stocked supplies when needed. The County does not have a preference point system.

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1. Who should I contact if I want to sell my products and/or services to the County?
2. Are purchase orders required for all purchases?
3. Does the County give preference points to local firms?
4. Does the County have a minority or disadvantaged business preference?
5. What rules govern the County's purchasing practices?
6. Does the County offer training for new businesses on how to do business?
7. How can I set up a meeting with a buyer?
8. Can I fax my bid to you?
9. Am I supposed to include tax in the price on a Request for Quotation?
10. How can I register for the County’s bid list?
11. If I'm not registered on the Purchasing Portal, am I still able to submit bids to the county?
12. Who in your office can I call to speak with about the commodity or service I have to offer?
13. How can I find out which services or commodities are currently available for bidding?
14. Can I be automatically notified of bid opportunities or do I need to keep watching the legal ads section?
15. Where do I send my bid?
16. How can I get a copy of the tabulation of bids on a particular bid?
17. With whom, in the county, do I contact to get payment for my invoice?
18. Are departments allowed to make their own purchases?
19. What is a pre-bid / pre-proposal conference?
20. What criteria are used to award bids and proposals?
21. What about bond and insurance requirements?
22. How can I thank an employee of the Procurement Department for their help?
23. How often does the county hold auctions?