What type of appeals may be brought before the board?
The board’s jurisdiction involves appeals of assessor determinations including:
  • Change in real and personal property values* [RCW 84.48.010]
  • Denials of senior citizen/disabled persons exemptions [RCW 84.36.385]
  • Denials of home improvement exemptions [RCW 84.36.400]
  • Decisions regarding historic property [RCW 84.26.130]
  • Forest land classification determinations [RCW 84.33]
  • Current use determinations [RCW 84.34]
  • Destroyed property determinations [RCW 84.70.010]
  • Claims for either real or personal property tax exemptions [RCW 84.36.010]

*There is no provision in state law to directly appeal the amount of your property taxes.

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1. What type of appeals may be brought before the board?
2. How do I appeal?
3. When must I appeal?
4. What information is required to file an appeal?
5. What types of evidence should I provide?
6. Why should I include comparable sales and how do I find them?
7. What is meant by the valuation date?
8. What if there are no sales comparable to my property?
9. What if I don’t have time to gather all the evidence by the petition deadline?
10. When will I have a hearing?
11. What can I expect at the hearing?
12. May I submit additional information at the hearing?
13. When will I receive a decision?
14. What if I am not satisfied with the board’s decision?
15. What if my taxes are due before I have a hearing or receive a decision?
16. If the board decreases the value of my property, how will that affect my taxes?