How many residential building permits have been issued?
During 2014, residential building permits were issued for a total of 3,494 new housing units countywide (including single family units, duplexes, multi-family units and mobile homes). Of this total, 1,981 (57%) were issued by the county in unincorporated areas, while the cities issued permits for 1,513 units (43%) in incorporated areas.
The annual volume of residential permits issued in Snohomish County has increased since 2010 when 2,279 new housing units were permitted, of which 1,955 were single family detached units. Since 2010, the overall increase in housing production can be almost entirely attributed to multi-family permit activity. The volume of multi-family units permitted countywide reached a 13-year high in 2013, with 2,112 units permitted. Most recently, the number of multi-family units permitted fell slightly in 2014, to 1,331 new units.

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