How do I remove or add a name from my property?
The auditor’s office staff are not experts in real estate law and are prohibited from providing any legal advice. Real estate documents are legal instruments. In order to ensure you are protected and your transaction is completed correctly, we suggest you consult an attorney or title insurance company.

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1. I received a document in the mail that reads "Reconveyance" on it. What is it?
2. Where do I obtain a form for recording purposes?
3. What are the fees for recording?
4. How do I remove or add a name from my property?
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6. How do I change the ownership of a piece of property?
7. How do I remove an erroneous lien from my property?
8. How do I know what liens are on a piece of property?
9. How do I do a title search?
10. Can you tell me who the owner of a piece of property is by parcel number or street address?
11. How do I get the dimensions for my property?
12. How do I get a copy of my deed?
13. How can I find out about a house for sale (foreclosure)?
14. What happens to my document when it is presented for recording?