How do I get a copy of a plat map (subdivision map)?

All plats are recorded with the county Auditor’s Office. Search for Recorded Documents is where you enter the name of the plat (subdivision) under General "Name" field. On Document Type, you may select "PLAT."

You will discover that there are numerous Document Types recorded by the Auditor. If you know the Recording No., that field is also available for you to enter the data for a quicker result.

You can search for recorded documents associated with your property by entering your property tax account number (Parcel ID) in the related search field. You will most likely pull up and view deeds and other banking documents. Some other examples of documents recorded are maps and easements.

A Critical Area Site Plan (CASP) shows critical areas (e.g. wetlands and streams). Planning and development services (PDS) required recordation of CASPs as of April, 1995. You may download these maps when available and print them out yourself. The alternative would be to request copies from the Auditor’s Office or PDS in person and photocopy costs will be collected.

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