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1. Where is the County Clerk's Office and what are the business hours?
2. How do I get copies of documents and how much do they cost?
3. How do I make a payment on a Superior Court case?
4. What is the date, time, and/or place of my Superior Court hearing?
5. Where do I file Superior Court documents?
6. How can I set a court date for my Superior Court case?
7. How do I set a hearing for a Dependency case?
8. Do you have legal forms?
9. I don’t know what to do. Can you give me any legal advice?
10. Can you tell me the status of or what happened in a case?
11. Can you tell me if a person has any cases filed against them, or me?
12. Can you help me fill out my papers?
13. Can you recommend an attorney who will take my case?