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Past-Snohomish County Boards & Commissions Application Form


  2. *2.03.060SCC - Candidates for appointment to county boards or commission must meet the following requirements:


    (1)          Possess qualifications for the appointment sought, as shown by the candidate's written documentation and any hearing testimony;

     (2)        If a reappointment, demonstrate the continuing benefits of retaining the board member as discussed in the executive's recommendation and a satisfactory attendance record, as determined by adopted criteria of the particular board;

    (3)          Reside or work in Snohomish County, or show evidence of special interest in Snohomish County, PROVIDED That a candidate may not be a County employee;

    (4)          Membership is limited to one position at a time on a board or commission, PROVIDED That a member of a board may simultaneously serve on one ad hoc or advisory committee. (Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).



  3. Dave Somers, County Executive
    Snohomish County Executive Office
    3000 Rockefeller Avenue, MS 407
    Everett, WA 98201-4046
    (425) 388-3699
    (425) 388-3434 fax



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