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Mitigation Strategies Survey

  1. Mitigation Strategies Survey

    The following survey of proposed mitigation strategies for the 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan will help the County prioritize and refine the County Wide mitigation strategies. The survey is expected to take about twenty minutes to complete. Please review and rank (high, medium or low) the strategies based on the included criteria. Also, please provide any input you have on the strategies and associated action items in space provided. Enter your name and the name of the organization you represent below.

  2. CW-1— Retrofit critical facilities that cannot be moved to low risk areas.

    Reduce risk to critical facilities in higher risk areas where relocation is not practicable and where life safety can be assured. 

    1. 1. Support retrofitting to assure life safety and the functionality of critical facilities.
    2. 2. Prioritize emergency services facilities that support risk prone populations with risk of isolation for essential services.
    3. 3. Elevate structures in 500-year floodplain due to increased frequency of flooding
    4. 4. Determine the appropriate retrofitting approaches using best available science.


  3. Hazards Addressed: All

  4. Objective(s): 7, 9

  5. Ranking Criteria Table



    • Increases life safety for severely at-risk populations.
    • Increases the resilience of highly vulnerable populations, or economic drivers or ecosystem service provisioners.
    • Meets multiple objectives (i.e., multiple hazards) each having benefits that exceed costs.
    • Funding is secured or project is ongoing and meets eligibility requirements for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) or Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program (PDM, and can be completed in the short term (1 to 5 years). 
    • Meets HMP goals and objectives, where benefits exceed costs, for which funding has not been secured but is grant eligible under existing programs, and for which project can be completed in the short term once funding is secured.
    • Medium priority projects will become high priority projects once funding is secured.
    • Will mitigate the risk of a hazard, that has benefits that do not exceed the costs and/or are difficult to quantify.
    • Does not have secured funding, is not eligible for HMGP or PDM grant funding, and which has a long time line for completion (5 to 10 years).
    • Low priority projects may be eligible for other sources of grant funding from other programs. 


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