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Questionnaire for Drop Box Closers

  1. Please complete this form no later than April 11, 2014
  2. Who is driving their personal vehicle to the drop box?*
  3. Drivers should meet in the 30 minute area of the parking garage at what time?*
  4. Staff not driving their vehicle to the ballot box may park where?*
  5. Do you know or have access to the driving directions to your assigned ballot box?*
  6. There is a seal inside the door to the Ballot Drop Box; which log do you record the seal number?*
  7. When placing the cover over the snorkel, do the washers go inside the drop box or outside?*
  8. My drop box site has large signs. Do I need to bring them back Election Night?*
  9. In order to be paid mileage drivers must fill out what form?*
  10. When you and your partner bring the blue ballot tubs into the basement what do you do with the ballots?*
  11. Do you need to write the time on a ballot that has been collected after the box has closed?*
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