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C-PACER Forms Submission

  1. C-PACER Form Submission

    Download the application forms to apply for the C-PACER program and once filled out, upload them here for submission.

    1. Project Application Checklist
    2. Lien Holder Consent to C-PACER Assessment and Lien; Notice
    3. Certification of Qualified Improvements
    4. Certificate of Capital Provider Qualification
    • Deed or
    • Title Insurance Report or
    • Assessor / Treasurer Official Record
    • Deed
    • Title Insurance Report

    All names must match exactly what is on the Title

    Insurance Report.

    If the name(s) is different, include the following with the deed or title insurance report:

    • Certified copy of personal/corporate name change;
    • Certified copy of merger/sale document reflecting name change;
    • Certified copy of Power of Attorney

    • Assessor / Treasure Official Records
    • Appraisal
    • Zoning Report
    • Ground Lease (if applicable)
  2. Combine all needed documents into a single PDF to upload.

    If property is held by a limited liability company, general or limited partnership or a corporation:

    • A copy of the certificate of formation, organization, incorporation or similar document, AND
    • A good standing certificate/certificate of existence from the state or organization


    If not organized in Washington:

    • A certificate of registration to conduct business in Washington as a foreign entity

    If a trust:

    • A copy of the trust agreement or  
    • A trustees’ certificate

    If an individual:

    • A copy of a valid driver’s license

    If the application is to be signed by a party other than the applicant: 

    • A power of attorney or corporate resolution authorizing said party
  3. Combine all needed documents into a single PDF to upload. 

    1. If a federal or state-chartered bank, or credit union:

    • The certificate of organization or similar document.

    2. If not an entity in #1:

    • Evidence of registration as a capital provider in two states.

    3. If a private company, whose principal place of business is located in the state of Washington, wishes to be a capital provider, and the person or company is not an entity in #1 or #2 above, documentation that the entity is qualified to do business in the State of Washington, maintains any necessary licenses or permits necessary to conduct its business in the State of Washington, and one of the following:

    • A copy of the most recent (within the last year) audited financial statement; OR
    • Copy of the most recent (within the last year) Federal or Washington state financial institution regulatory filing.
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