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ADA Gate Access Request Form

  1. Instructions
    Submit this form to gain access to disabled parking at Meadowdale Beach, and Lake Cassidy. The Parks Department will contact you within 2-3 business days with the access code(s) applicable to the requested park.
  2. Which park(s) are you requesting access to?
    (check all that apply)
  3. 1. A current disabled parking permit placard

    2. A current set of disabled parking decals

    3. A current set of disabled person license plates

  4. By submitting, you are agreeing to the following:
    1. The code will not be used by anyone other than me.
    2. All Washington State and Snohomish County ordinances will be followed.
    3. Parking decals, permits, or plates will be properly displayed while inside the boundaries of the County Park.
    4. Parking will be in designated stalls only.

    I understand that any violation of list above or unauthorized use of these privileges may result in revocation of parking access.
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