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Advance Group Camp Reservation Application 2

  1. Summary
    Groups reserving 10 or more campsites (or any combination of 10 cabins and campsites) may apply for reservations up to 365 days in advance. This does NOT APPLY to reservations at Flowing Lake, Kayak Point, and Wenberg Parks at the height of peak season. Picnic shelters may also be included so long as the minimum overnight facility requirement is met.
  2. Please review your answers carefully. Incomplete answers or violations in policies may result in a delay in processing and/or disapproval of request. Submittal of application is not a guarantee facilities will be available. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. No reservation is complete until payment, in full, is received.
  5. IMPORTANT: Weekend reservations require BOTH a Friday and Saturday night stay.
  6. Campground*
    Sites at Flowing Lake, Kayak Point, and Wenberg Parks CANNOT be reserved more than 270 days in advance if any requested nights fall within July 1 through Labor Day.
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