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Application - Advertising on Park Property

  1. Application for Advertising on Park Property

    Please fill out the application below if you are seeking permission to hang a banner, flier, or advertise for your event/business on Snohomish County Park property.  There is a fee of $200 per month/per park (subject to change).  

    Following approval, the applicant will be responsible for posting the advertisement and cleaning up the materials when the agreement ends.

    Size and quantity of advertising materials will depend upon the park.  

  2. Last Name, First Name, MI

  3. List the name of the park or parks you would like to place your advertising

  4. Specify where, within a park, you wish to place your advertisement.  For example: parking lot, perimeter fence, kiosk.

  5. Requested first day of your advertisement

  6. Enter "Unknown" or "TBD" if you have no set end date.

  7. Enter the format of your advertising.  For example, A-board, poster, banner, flier.

  8. Provide a description of what your ad will say and/or what you are advertising

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