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Annual Pass Exchange Request

  1. INSTRUCTIONS - Do not sign-in / Submit this form ONCE

    Submit this form AFTER purchasing your annual pass at the park. To exchange your temporary pass receipt for a placard, complete all applicable fields. Requests should be submitted within 7 days from date of purchase. Incorrect data or submitting this form more than once WILL DELAY processing. If you haven't received your placard within 14 days, contact the parks department at 425-388-6600.

  2. Enter address placard is to be mailed
  3. Not Eligible

    Passes purchased at Wyatt Park/Davies Beach are not eligible for the Snohomish County Parks pass.  Contact the City of Lake Stevens to redeem tickets purchased there. 

  4. This number MUST MATCH the 6-digit number on your receipt. Include all zeros.

  5. Please attach a picture of your receipt. Ensure transaction number is legible. Limit file size to 2mb

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