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Code Violation Investigation Request


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  • Reporting Process

    1. Code Violation Investigation Request

      Before you submit this form:

      • Do we handle it? Visit our website to confirm that we handle your complaint or download the PDF below.

      Who to Call (PDF)

      • Code or permit questions? Please contact our Permit Tech team for things like permit status, land use or building code questions, what requires a permit, zoning questions, and more.

      Ask a Permit Tech

      • Exact address or parcel number. We’ll need an exact address or parcel number to process your complaint. Verify that the complaint is within unincorporated Snohomish County and locate the property address using these online tools. 

      PDS Map Portal | Property Summary Search

      • One address/parcel number per complaint. If you have concerns about more than one address or parcel, please submit a separate request for each property.

      What happens now?

      Good to Know. Code Enforcement works in the field. We’re not always available in the office. If you need to speak with your Officer in person, call or email them to schedule an appointment. Please allow the Officer time to respond. For general information, please visit our website or call 425-388-3650.

      Case Number. Within a week, you’ll receive an email with your case number and the contact information for the assigned Code Enforcement Officer. If you don’t receive the email, check your spam/trash folder or call 425-388-3650.

      I have more information. If you have photos or other documentation for the case, contact your assigned Code Enforcement Officer directly after you receive your case number.

      Status. Due to disclosure laws, we are unable to contact complainants with status updates. Please contact the assigned Officer directly or call 425-388-3650.

      Helpful Links

      Website | FAQ | CE Team


      Who to Call

      Alphabetical list of common complaints and which agency/department handles the issue.