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Victim Satisfaction survey


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  • Page 1 - Victim Satisfaction survey

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    2. The Criminal Division of the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office strives to provide high quality prosecution services to the community we serve.  Toward that end, we constantly look for ways in which we can improve our services or better tailor them to meet the needs of the County’s criminal prosecution needs.  Victim feedback on these topics is particularly helpful to us.  Accordingly, I would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out the following survey. In many types of cases, interviews and contact with various Prosecutor staff would only be initiated if necessary to proceed with prosecution.

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        1. A.        Looking back, rate whether or not you were satisfied with the job our office did in the following ways:

        2. 1.       The accuracy of the information staff gave you:

        3. 2.       The timeliness of when staff gave you information:

        4. 3.       The respect and sensitivity shown to you by staff:

        5. 4.       Overall, how satisfied were you with the services you received from our office:
        6. B.        How hard was it for you to do the following:
        7. 1.       Understand what’s next.

        8. 2.       Wait for things to happen in the prosecution and court process.

        9. 3.       Interviews with the prosecutor and advocate.

        10. 4.       Interviews with the defense attorney or defense investigator.

        11. 5.       Wait to testify at trial.

        12. 6.       Actually testify at trial.
        13. C.         Rate whether or not the following was helpful to you while you were going through the prosecution of the case:

        14. 1.       Receive letters and other written materials.

        15. 2.       Receive phone call from staff.

        16. 3.       Have in-person contacts with staff.

        17. 4.       Have someone you could call with questions.

        18. 5.       Have an advocate with you during defense interviews and trials.

        19. 6.       After working with victim/witness staff I know what resources are available in my community.