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Law Enforcement Witness Questionnaire

  1. Snohomish County Prosecutor LEO Witness Questionnaire

  2. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

  3. 1. Have you ever testified in court before? *
  4. 2. Has a judge ever made a legal finding that your testimony was not credible? *
  5. 3. Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony? *
  6. 4. Do you have any pending criminal matters as a defendant, including diversion agreement(s)? *
  7. 5. Do you have any pending or settled civil lawsuits in State or Federal court where it was claimed you were involved in misconduct or acted dishonestly/fraudulently? *
  8. 6. Have you ever been found to have engaged in any misconduct involving dishonesty, untruthfulness, or bias by your current agency or any other agency? *
  9. 7. To your knowledge, are you currently under investigation by your agency or any other agency for misconduct involving allegations of dishonesty, untruthfulness, or bias? *
  10. 8. Do you have any social media accounts that may contain information about this case? *
  11. 8a. If yes, will you voluntarily provide that to our office
  12. 9. To your knowledge, has any prosecutor, judge, or agency official ever made public statements (in court or the media) about your reputation or character for untruthfulness? *
  13. 10. Have you made any prior statements that are inconsistent with the information you previously provided in this case? *
  14. 11. Are you aware of any information that might suggest that you have a bias or prejudice with respect to this case? *
  15. I have answered the foregoing questions completely and truthfully, to the best of my ability.
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