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Essential Services Exception Form

  1. Essential Services Exception to Snohomish County Solid Waste Transfer Stations
  2. Are you considered an "essential business" according to the Governor's Decree?
  3. Facility Use Questions
  4. If you are approved for temporary access, you must pay by Solid Waste account or credit card. No cash or checks. Do you agree?
  5. If you are approved for temporary access, you must print and bring the email we send you. Do you agree?
  6. After submitting your information, we will evaluate your request and send you a separate email confirming or denying your waiver request. If approved, please print your waiver and show the email through your window to staff at the gate and the scale house. Do not hand staff your email. You cannot enter without this email. If you don't have a printer, we will send further instructions if you are approved for temporary access. THIS FORM IS NOT YOUR APPROVAL WAIVER.
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