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National Night Out Registration Form

  1. Organizing a National Night Out (NNO) event is easy and we are here to help!

    If you'd like help marketing your event or would like a Sheriff's deputy to stop by on National Night Out, we encourage you to register. The official date for NNO is the first Tuesday in August. By registering, we count you in Snohomish Counties official Night Out Crime Prevention efforts and will help you spread the word about your event. Whether you hold your event on the official Night Out evening or you choose a different date, these simple steps will make your registration process quick and easy.

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    2. A permit may be required if you hold an activity in the street or close the street. To file a National Night Out permit application for street closure, contact the Snohomish County Permit Services at  (425) 388-3411 regarding requirements or click here for the online 'Ask a Permit Tech'.

    Registration applications must be received by July 5 in order to facilitate a visit by a deputy at your event.

    For questions please contact, Snohomish County Sheriffs Office at (425) 388-3377

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    If you want to hold an activity in the street or close the street, a permit may be required. For information contact the Snohomish County Planning and Development Department, Permitting at (425)388-3411 regarding Right-of-Way Special Event Permit requirements.
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