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Snohomish County Tourism Promotion Area (TPA) Grant Application

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  3. TPA Background

    The Tourism Promotion Area (TPA) was established by Snohomish County following a petition for establishment from the lodging industry. The primary goal of the TPA is to increase overnight stays in Snohomish County. The TPA provides grant support to new ideas and events that bring overnight lodging to the County. This grant is open to applications from public, nonprofit or private entities with a demonstrated ability to accomplish the proposed project. The Advisory Board meets the third Tuesday of each month and applications need to be submitted by the first of the month. Projects known to be successful include a focus on outdoor recreation, sporting events, conventions and tradeshows, festivals, niche conferences and concerts…but that's not all. You may an idea we haven't thought of yet! The TPA Grant may fund, at Advisory Board discretion, a wide range of expenses, but generally does not support administrative or personnel; projects are one-year funding unless otherwise indicated.

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  6. Snohomish County Districts Affected by Project:

  7. Non-Profit EIN# / Public Agency Tax ID / For Profit UBI#

  8. In the space above, provide a one-paragraph (150 words or less) summary of your request and what it will accomplish. If your request is part of a larger project, you may briefly describe the over-all project. However, please focus your answer on the specific element for which you are requesting funding.

  9. Fully describe the project. Expand your project summary to address such issues as: what it is you plan to do; the tangible and intangible benefits to the community; visitor impact; how will you evaluate project success; would this project take place without TPA assistance; what methods have you used to project the overnight figures; additionally what methods will you use to report on overnight claims after the fact? If you are requesting funds for a specific portion of a larger project, please so state, but focus your response on the element for which you are requesting funding. The scope should be under 1,000 words. Be brief and brilliant but include any supplemental materials as attachments if needed.

  10. Project Budget

    Please provide a line item detailed budget for your project. Please specify whether your various match items will be cash or in-kind.

  11. In the space above, please include any information which you feel may provide useful background on your proposed budget, such as source and rate at which matching labor costs are calculated, etc.

  12. Project Timeline

    Please use the section below to break out your project into its major elements (including planning, development, implementation and evaluation), showing when each task will be accomplished. Please use the section to also provide any necessary background on elements of your project timeline.

  13. Use the space above to inform the TPA Advisory Board of additional information that would be relevant in granting your application.

  14. A completed W-9 form for the applicant agency is required before a contract can be executed; please attach this form here.

  15. Please upload here any additional documentation you would like to TPA Advisory Board to consider in its review of your application.

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