Cassandra Lopez-Shaw

Title: Superior Court Judge
Phone: 425-388-3215

A photo of Judge Cassandra Lopez-Shaw smiling, hands and a gavel resting on law booksServing as the very first LatinX judge in Snohomish County, Judge Cassandra Lopez-Shaw was first elected by the people of Snohomish County in 2020, and by the most votes of any candidate in Snohomish County history.

Judge Lopez-Shaw comes to Snohomish County Superior Court with over 17 years of legal experience in criminal, civil, and family law. In her private practice, Cassandra traveled across the state of Washington, representing clients in 15 different counties, and trying over 200 criminal trials.

The Lopez-Shaw family represents the American Dream.  Cassandra came to the United States at eight years old and grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  She married Michael, the boy next door, gave birth to two amazing children, and moved to Washington after the Rodney King Riots burned down their neighborhood. The couple worked tirelessly to graduate from the University of Washington before Cassandra attended Loyola Law School.  Shortly after graduating, Michael was deployed to Operation Iraq Freedom with the US Marines, leaving Cassandra alone with the difficult task of raising their children. Eventually, both their daughter and son graduated from the United States Naval Academy.  

Today, Michael teaches biology in a public high school and the couple are proud, “Two-Blue-Star” parents, as both children are on active duty, serving in the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. 

Judge Lopez-Shaw welcomes you to the courthouse.


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