Cabot Fuqua (He/him)

Parks Administration
Title: Parks Reservations / Facility Specialist
Phone: 425-388-6644

Cabot is a fourth-generation Washingtonian who joined the parks department as a seasonal park ranger assistant. He now works in facility reservations and front desk operations.

Prior to joining parks, he spent 20 plus years in the Air Force as a technician, world traveler, pinochle player, and professional student--garnering a gaggle of degrees that include a master's in Human Resources Administration. Additional accomplishments include the successful completion of seasonal law enforcement and basic wildland firefighting training, PSIA certification, and a Class-A commercial driver's license.

He's an avid hiker, skier, racquetball player, woodworker, snorkeler, boogie-boarder, yard tinkerer, Sci-Fi reader, and doting father. His current obsession is building a small cabin in the woods. He does nothing in his spare time.


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