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1. What is NEOGOV?
2. Are all Snohomish County positions posted using NEOGOV?
3. How do I apply for a job?
4. Can I create a NEOGOV account before I apply for a job?
5. What if I don't have a computer / internet access?
6. Can I apply for a Snohomish County job by e-mail?
7. Can I apply with a resume instead of an application form?
8. How do I get help if I am having a technical or Log-In issue with NEOGOV?
9. Can I apply for more than one job?
10. What is the deadline date to apply for a job?
11. Can I add additional information to my application after the deadline date?
12. How will I know whether I am being considered for the job?
13. How do I access my on-line account once it has been established?
14. Can I create more than one account with the same email?
15. When I try to create an account or update my email address, I get the message Email not available!. What does that mean?
16. When is the Job Opportunities list updated? I don't want to miss my chance to apply.
17. How do I sign up for Job Notifications?
18. Can I apply for a job that isn't advertised right now?
19. When a job is "Open Continuous", what does that mean?
20. How are volunteer activities and/or experience considered when rating applications?
21. Will you hold any application on file for future vacancies?
22. What is an Eligibility List?
23. Will the Eligibility List be used for other Snohomish County Government departments?
24. I've applied for other jobs using NEOGOV that weren't with Snohomish County. Do you have access to those applications and information?
25. Can I apply for a job shown under County Employees Only?
26. Will Snohomish County Government pay my relocation costs or reimburse me for travel expenses?
27. How do I apply for Snohomish County PUD or the Health District?
28. What are "Civil Service" Opportunities?