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1. How can I report a name change and address change?
2. Who must pay personal property tax?
3. Is there a way to waive interest and penalty on delinquent taxes?
4. How does the treasurer deal with mortgage company or tax service relationships?
5. Who is subject to paying Interest and Penalty?
6. How can I get more information on tax law?
7. Does filing a satisfaction of mortgage with the county auditor change the name and address on my tax statement?
8. Can anyone see my tax account records?
9. Where do my taxes go?
10. How are taxes distributed in my area?
11. Do mailed payments have to be in the Treasurer's Office on the due date?
12. What is the due date for postmarks?
13. Can I pay multiple tax accounts with one check, or use multiple checks for one account?
14. Can current year's taxes be paid without paying delinquent taxes?
15. How can I pay my taxes?
16. What are the Treasurer Office Hours?
17. As a serious property investor who intends to purchase one or more properties offered by Snohomish County at the next tax deed auction, where can I find the information I need?