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1. I received a document in the mail that reads "Reconveyance" on it. What is it?
2. Where do I obtain a form for recording purposes?
3. What are the fees for recording?
4. How do I remove or add a name from my property?
5. How do I remove a decedent’s name from my deed?
6. How do I change the ownership of a piece of property?
7. How do I remove an erroneous lien from my property?
8. How do I know what liens are on a piece of property?
9. How do I do a title search?
10. Can you tell me who the owner of a piece of property is by parcel number or street address?
11. How do I get the dimensions for my property?
12. How do I get a copy of my deed?
13. How can I find out about a house for sale (foreclosure)?
14. What happens to my document when it is presented for recording?