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1. Can persons of the same gender marry?
2. Do applicants have to reside in Washington State?
3. If the applicants are divorced, do they need to provide divorce papers?
4. Under what circumstances can a person apply for a marriage license before they are divorced?
5. Under what circumstances can the 3-day waiting period be waived?
6. What are the minimum ages for applicants?
7. What if one of the applicants is 17? Can he/she get a license?
8. What if one of the applicants is under 17? Can they get a license?
9. What ages are the witnesses required to be?
10. What is the fee for a marriage license?
11. Who established the marriage license fee?
12. How is the fee distributed? Where does the money go?
13. Are marriage records open for the public to see?
14. What if the applicants do not want their names in the newspaper?
15. What if someone wants a copy of their marriage license?
16. Can a marriage be performed by proxy?
17. Can the marriage ceremony be on a boat as long as there is a qualified officiant?
18. Can a marriage license obtained in Snohomish County be used in another county?
19. Can the marriage license be used in another State? Another Country?
20. Is there a special form the marriage ceremony must take?
21. Can a judge from another State perform weddings in Washington State?
22. Who is authorized to perform marriages?
23. Can a minister from a church from another State perform a wedding in Washington State?
24. Can a pro-tem Washington State judge perform a wedding?
25. Can a retired Washington State judge perform a wedding?
26. Can a ship captain perform a marriage ceremony?
27. Does an out-of-state minister need to register here in Washington State to perform the marriage ceremony?
28. How does one check to see of their minister is "licensed" to perform marriages?
29. If the parties or witnesses themselves are authorized to perform marriages (because they are a minister, judge, etc.), can they perform the ceremony?