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1. What is the Diversity Council?
2. Why is the Diversity Council necessary?
3. What does the Diversity Council do?
4. What do Diversity Council members do?
5. How can I find out what the Diversity Council discussed in its meetings?
6. How can I get on the Diversity Council?
7. What are diversity issues?
8. Does the county have resources on diversity issues for employee use?
9. How can I make suggestions to the Diversity Council about issues I would like to see addressed?
10. What can I do at work about diversity related issues?
11. What can I do to make my community more welcoming and inclusive?
12. Does the county provide training for employees on diversity issues?
13. How do I get diversity-related community events added to the Diversity Council events calendar?
14. Where can I go for assistance if I am being harassed because of my race, color, sex, religion, marital status, national origin, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, veteran status, or the presence of
15. What is Snohomish County government's diversity initiative?
16. What are Snohomish County government's diversity learning objectives?
17. What other resources are available and how can I find out more about diversity?