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1. On what types of cases are autopsies performed?
2. What is done during a forensic autopsy?
3. Who gives permission for the autopsy to take place?
4. What is the cost of an autopsy and who pays?
5. Who is the next of kin?
6. Can the next of kin prevent an autopsy?
7. Who has the responsibility to make the funeral arrangements for the deceased?
8. Will the Medical Examiner Office recommend a funeral home?
9. What if they can't afford the arrangements?
10. Is it necessary to come to the M.E. office to identify the body?
11. What happens during the death investigation?
12. If the cause of death is obvious, why would the M.E. investigate?
13. What happens to the personal effects of the deceased?
14. Can the family view the body at the M.E.Office?
15. How do I make arrangements for the release of a body from the M.E.?
16. Who has access to the autopsy and investigative reports?
17. How can I obtain a copy of the autopsy report?
18. Is there a cost involved in obtaining reports from the M.E. office?
19. Who can I speak to if I have questions about the reports I received?
20. How can I get a copy of the death certificate?
21. What is the difference between a Coroner and a Medical Examiner?
22. What is forensic pathology?
23. What are the requirements for board certification in forensic pathology?
24. Can I request that an autopsy be performed?