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1. What do I need to schedule an inspection?
2. Who is my inspector and what time will he be here to conduct my inspection?
3. What inspections do I need before I can get my final inspection?
4. What documentation is typically required at the job site?
5. How do I get an Electrical Inspection in Unincorporated Snohomish County?
6. What is the deadline for requesting an inspection?
7. How do I schedule a re-inspection?
8. When do I get my Certificate of Occupancy?
9. Do I need to be there when the inspector comes?
10. If I contract with a builder to construct my home, who is responsible to call for inspections?
11. What if there are "corrections"?
12. Am I penalized for re-inspections after correction notices are issued?
13. I was notified that my permit will expire, what do I do?
14. How do I renew my permit?
15. How do I know if I live in unincorporated Snohomish County?
16. Do I need a permit to remove hazardous trees?